Chasing Fame
Chasing Fame
Reality Competition

Real kids plus known actors navigating through the treacherous waters that are Entertainment Industry and Hollywood. (w/ Jake T. Austin and his Parents as Mentors)

Chasing Fame Is a Reality show and Franchise business built around young actors coming to Hollywood seeking their dream to become working actors and possibly famous. We follow boys and girls from ages 8 to 14 years old and the drama and triumph that they go through navigating Hollywood, with their Parents by their side. This is American voyeurism at its best.  Almost, all parents today have grandiose ideas about their children being famous.  This show will be the first to actually reveal the process in its raw form.  The cattiness of the stage mother, to the drama of the children, as well as, the stressful competitiveness of the industry, will keep this show moving, leaving the viewers wanting more.

The cast consists of eight to ten young male and female actors (and their entourage which include; mom, dad, siblings, etc.) that are at various stages of getting their break in Hollywood. This show follows an ensemble cast of these young actors through the process of making their break in LA.  The actors will be featured at different points in their career.

The dreams, competition, and balancing acts these kids and their families go through in “Chasing Fame” are heartwarming to heart-wrenching. The wacky world of Hollywood through the eyes of a child actor
will be a family must see, for any kid or the parents that  Dream of one day becoming a star…. in the world that is Hollywood!