Rags & Riches
Rags & Riches
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Luke and Charis Burrett have both always loved to live life in the fast lane.  Together they run Silver Star Casting Company, one of the fastest growing action sports clothing companies in market today.  A husband and wife team running a multi million dollar global brand in this testosterone and celebrity filled space make them more than Unique Characters.  Silver Star is also known as the ‘brand of champions’ and their reach into the top fighters of the UFC and other extreme sports is part of their daily—and nightly—life.

Charis B grew up in privilege, a child of old Virginia money, (The Van Metre/Paley Family) with a background in design and jewelry from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia; Charis B is not your typical Playboy Playmate. Part-time sex symbol, part-time businesswoman, full-time mother and wife, Charis B holds strong to the belief that she indeed, “…can have it all, and if I can have it, so can other women”.

Luke, having dropped out of high school at fifteen, seems to be Charis’s perfect partner extreme. Despite being raised in a commune and having a father who still chooses to live in a trailer despite his sons’ success, Luke has risen from humble car detailer to establishing himself as the man behind the brand that encourages everyone to go full throttle and live life like a champion. Easy going yet intense, Luke hasn’t spent a night away from Charis since falling in love with her over eight years ago.

But there’s more to this rags and riches story…

In keeping the Business an intimate affair, Luke and Charis have surrounded themselves with a select group of bold and colorful characters who highlight the brand’s reckless and extreme ideology–the office is run by Charis’s blond buxomly sister, Jeannie. Also helping to support the effort is longtime family friend, (and former front-man of Methods of Mayhem) Tilo, as well as Luke and Charis’s  two sons, Tyyler and Jake. Joining Tilo and family as part of the extended Silver Star team is their best friend Franco (tattoo artist to the stars) and his long time fiancé, the beautiful and effervescent Miriam.

From the outside, Luke and Charis appear a perfect combination of smart and sexy—but like any successful partnership, there is constant drama with the stakes so high, it’s a delicate balance of cutting edge glamour, and modern family values.

So where in the middle do these two extremes meet?

Rags and Riches is a roller coaster ride that travels from the elite party world that surrounds ‘Silver Star’, the hottest premium-clothing brand in the business, and a modern family, living the American Dream.   Charis and Luke will be facing major challenges both in business and at home, including threats from other clothing lines for their big name clients, and an adoption of a third child into their modern family.