Running the Sahara is be chronicled in a documentary film. The project is narrated by Academy Award™-winner Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award™-winner James Moll.

A small film crew tracked the runners across the desert, capturing their incredible journey on camera, recording this landmark moment in athleticism, in humanitarianism, and in history.

Running the Sahara explores the physical and emotional impact of this tremendous test of strength and determination. The film will allow us to relive the runners’ life-changing experience as we watch them brave the elements in one of the most extreme environments on Earth and meet the unique people of the Sahara, struggling with immense daily challenges.

The film’s narrative follows the runners on their quest, each step toward the finish line building in great anticipation of answering the question: Can this amazing human feat truly be possible?

Through the documentary, their journey will become legend.

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